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ElectroChemical – unhinged psychedelic electro-funk spawned from the inner depths of Will Davis (bass/production) and Collin Fradenburg (drums). Residing in Asheville, North Carolina, they are described as a unique mixture of Tipper meets Primus meets STS9. Between their use of skilled instrumentation and modern technology, they merge disparate styles into something futuristic and boundary pushing. Soup Williamson (Life is Art Studios) offers an unparalleled live visual graphics performance at select events designed for maximum mind melt. Insanely high energy shows, future funky soundscapes and intense musicianship are all things guaranteed at any ElectroChemical experience.

ElectroChemical is quickly gaining recognition for their unique ability to excite fans across a variety of genres including the electronic, prog, and jam scenes. The band has been developing an enthusiastic and loyal fan base since 2013, performing with like minded bands such as Consider The Source, Moon Hooch, The Mantras, Jimkata, Higher Learning, Opposite Box, Lucidea and DJs such as Thirftworks, Phutureprimative, and Marley Carroll. Festival appearances include Hidden in the Hollow, 3DL,  Mindfulness Fest and Alex Grey’s 4th Annual Visionary Arts Fair.

ElectroChemical provides self produced electronic accompaniment that weaves modern and ancient sonic worlds, filling the sound waves with intricate live bass and drum rhythms. Creating music that is consciously driven and focuses on their unique hybrid performance dynamic, the listener is encouraged to venture inward while simultaneously finding connections within the world around. Traveling through technological and organic musical dichotomies, audiences are encouraged to suspend their previous beliefs of music. Whether listening to their their albums “Simplexity” and “Oscillations” or dancing feverishly at one of their live shows, fans are inspired to create their own reality while exploring the potential in genres not previously defined.

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